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Sound Carrier  
   The development of Sound Carrier tube amplifiers and other audio
components has been an ongoing process of over 15 years.

The distinguished feature has always been a subtle elegance and
sophistication on the outside, and true power and definition on the inside.

Extensive acoustic adjustments, constant quality control and usage of the
best available materials, result a leading product in hi-end audio market.

Our customers are not only true audiophiles and music lovers, but also
connoisseurs who recognized a permanent value in the form of exclusive and
prestigious audio device.

Following new technologies and looking for the highest quality materials
– the search for perfection never stops for Sound Carrier.

Acoustic dominance, proven quality and durability of our products are well
known and confirmed among audiophiles.

We introduce very rare and demanding technical concepts, such as OUTPUT
- TRANSFORMERLESS Attaca and PUSH-PULL 300 B monoblocks.

Tube amplifiers are designed for a specific type of music, power range from
gracious 1 W to dramatic 500 W.

When compromise is not an option – we present  high-end monoblocks of the
most prestigious Aurum class.

Find out more about the intriguing beauty of our remarkable audio program.