Universal turntable power supply

Universal Turntable Power Supply delivers controlled, stabilized 
and adjustable power to synchronous turntable motors. Speed is 
frequency controlled and fine adjustments are possible to any 
speed. The input circuit is a rectifier consisting of a transformer, 
diodes in a Graetz circuit and an integrated voltage stabilizer. This 
is followed by an oscillator with 40-200Hz frequency regulation to 
adjust RPM. The signal from the oscillator is pure, undistorted and 
free of power noise. Then a transformer increases the voltage to 
the proper value needed to drive the motor. This power supply is
dedicated to lovers of vintage turntables preferably from Lenco 
and Garrard but it can drive any synchronous motor. Speed is 
selectable at 331/3, 45 and 78 RPM and can be fine-tuned. Output 
voltage is regulated from 180-230V for lowering unwanted motor
vibrations and is confirmed by the plate-mounted analogue volt
meter. 115 or 230 V input voltage is set on the internal PCB.

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