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We produce transformers for more than 30 years. Particular interest we have allways been displayed to the output transformers for tube amplifiers, considering
them as a real technological challenge. Due to the demanding tasks performed by such a transformer, its performance must be superior.
Design of our transformer is example of filigree accuracy, which brings wide and linear frequency range and low phase shift, all as necessary prerequisite for
good sounding tube amplifier. Our winding method is combination of best methods we encountered during many years of practice. We use method of 17 galvanic
separated sections, some of them wound clockwise, some of them anticlockwise, some of them bifilar, what makes this method complex and unique.
We are proud that quality of our transformers has been recognized by DIY-ers far beyond our border.

We also produce mains transformers and chokes. Mains transformers are offered in range 20 – 800 VA. Wideband chokes are produced in 11 sections and are a
new global trend. They are superior to standard chokes in terms of sound quality.
If in our offer you didn´t find transformer you need, we will gladly make it according to your specifications. Feel free to contact us for information and calculation.

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